Sunday, October 6, 2013

What The #$@! Am I Looking At?

Greetings person who has generously decided to take a gander at my blog. You may be looking at this and thinking "this is a kid who has started college and is taking a class/classes that are causing him/her to experience new things and think outside of the box". You, sir or madam, are an intuitive observer because you are correct. I am no philosopher or some other fancy name, but I am a maker (hopefully correctly expressed in my posts). But above all, I am me, and this is my blog.

Each post is solely purposed as food for thought because that's is what and everyone is myself. I frame them by making a funny/ interesting title and then just talking, or "metacognating", about a subject or something I have experienced. Heck, my last post was about truth, something that isn't new to us but we rarely think about it. I try to throw some links, photos, quotes, etc to make it look like I know what I'm talking about or simply to break up the monotony of reading paragraphs. That's it, no big strategy or high end theories, just taking an experience and looking at it for a bigger picture or, again, some food for thought/brain snacks.

I guess what I am trying to show is that you, yes, you reading this post, you do not have to be a scientist or philosopher to make connections, experience science, or think deeper on a subject. It's an adventure. Life doesn't have to be monotonous as many choose to believe. That's okay, to each his own. But for those with a curious mind, join me in this journey of life. You don't have to be someone special, after all I'm just a regular college student. Lets break the chains and let our minds run loose. I am Lukas Lakes, a thinker, a maker, a friendly peer, a gamer/gaymer, a photographer, an uncle, a son, a goof, and I approve of this message.
Also, here is the song I was listening to while writing this: Royals by Lorde. I thought it was fitting because its okay if we aren't royals, we don't have to be to experince life and go on adventures.


  1. Love the inclusion of your song link. Totally listening to this as I browse your latest posts :)

  2. Lukas. Your blogs are my favorite to read! Hopefully this doesn't come off creepy, but your confidence and your uniqueness fascinate me! I just always look forward to what's going to be next!!

  3. I love the creativity, especially where you put the "I approve of this message". You definitely gave a new look at the class.