Sunday, August 25, 2013

Survival of Week One: We Saw the Light

Survive may have a harsh connotation since week one of English 1103 (and college in general) was a complete success. We have been introduced to the Makers Movement and the concept of making as writing and writing as making. This is a cool and new subject but encompasses such a basic idea: when we write, something is made and when we make something we can write about it.
This week, some of us attempted the project titled Light Scribbling. Basically we drew with flashlights. This is accomplished by slowing the shutter speed of a camera, turning off the lights, and drawing in between the shutter clicks. While sounding basic, my mind was thoroughly blown. The time in between shutters allows the camera to capture as much light as possible, making whatever you drew with the flashlight into a neon image. And would you look at that, we made something new and used creativity resulting in writing. Making as writing people.