Sunday, September 8, 2013

Through Week Three, A Reflection Spree

This past week, our learning experience was kick started by They Might Be Giants' "Science is Real" ( Despite the "childish" exterior, the song brings about one simple fact that is even stated in the title: science is real. However, our jobs is to ask why, and dig a little deeper. Why is it real, or rather, what makes it truth? Of course this is open to interpretation among people, but considering that we are in a English class, could it be that writing makes it real? Writing is a way of making abstract ideas concrete and tangible. On top of that, writing allows for the communication of such things.
The class then browsed quotes along the walls of the building. Christopher Hitchen's quote stood out the most to me stating, "That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence." Alright, if writing makes things true, then simply writing something else can disprove the first. Evidence, evidence is the key. But what qualifies as evidence. To me, it could be as broad as experience. For example, take the drawing of the cat in the top left of the image. What makes it a cat? Yes, it's drawn/written out but, put simply, it looks like a cat and we know this from our experiences of seeing cats.
As a side note, we created our Make Cycle #1! We (English 1103) made individual representations of our histories as writers and science explorers. Good job to everyone! Mine, of course, involved failure because I mean come on, everything I do is plagued with failures to learn from.