Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Learning Path, Where Do I Pass Go?

We had examined an image in class of a learning pathway ( here is the link ). Yes, we have passed some of these markers in our lives or you shall, but personally, learning did not start at sixth grade not did I accrue much knowledge from something like the SAT. In fact, I disagree with the whole notion that learning is a singular path, rather I see it as a series of paths, a web even.
So where is the start? Where do we go? Well to answer the first, I'm guessing birth. For the second, wherever we decide and life takes us. Lets refer to one of my past posts: Truth Is... In this post I pointed out that truth is whatever you want it to be by gathering experience/evidence and these are found by simply looking for it and gathering it as you go along. This is a lot like the learning web. Like the learning walk, we choose somewhere to go, a path to take, and just go. On the way we learn and gather experience. We then can choose to continue that path or go on a different path for different knowledge. This is the web, full of different alternating routes even with the possibility to take paths leading to ones you thought were already taken ( we all need refreshers or just another look ). This class and blog is one path on my web and a path for others. I've picked up a new outlook, knowledge on identity, on truth, and the relevance of writing on all aspects of life. But its only one path, I have a long journey ahead of me. Where will I go next? Well, most likely my next classes but outside of that, I have no clue, but my past paths have prepared me with knowledge and I'm ready to pick up more.