Sunday, November 10, 2013

My Process, If It Could Be Called One

One word that would describe my writing process perfectly is PROCRASTINATION. No matter how hard I try to complete assignments early or at a decent time, its like my brain has a mind of its own. This may have some truth to it because often times I cannot keep up with my brain kind of like how a big dog ends up dragging the owner when he or she tries to take the dog for a walk on a leash. Regardless of all that, I do complete my assignments. At the very last minute, the combination of guilt and adrenaline put me in a sort of hyper mode that mass produces work. Maybe its magic or perhaps its just a snowball effect of simply writing and working with it.
The little planning I did end up doing (and I rarely do plan) helped extremely, especially with the paper on how emotions are made because I made the note cards in class about that topic. Planning helps connect all of my sporatic ideas because another word that can describe me and my writing is sporatic, and also distracted, yes distracted is a big one. Even silence distracts me and puts me in a sort of trance where I don't really do anything but think. Sporatic is perfect because I do not dictate my ideas they come and go, pop in and pop back out. In a way planning is a method of counteracting this, but then I procrastinate with the planning as well as the assignment. The whole process is a struggle until the last minute when everything just seems to fall into place.